A single source of truth providing security and efficiency through automation, simplification, and industry-tailored functionalities – catalysing the world's commodity trade network.

today’s process is unreliable and unprepared for the future

Blockchain technology enables our industry to create a decentralized, open-source, secure commodity trade network.

komgo’s blockchain ledger transmits peer-to-peer transactions in a secure environment providing full visibility to both participants, but storing only references to the data in the digital network itself.

Records of transactions are only available on a need-to-know basis. Permission to view or edit documentation can be granted to and removed from others by the participants.


the percentage of data transmitted during a single commodity trade cycle that adds no value or revenue to the transaction.

catalysing the world’s commodity trade network

komgo offers simplicity

The komgo network allows banks, traders and other participants to all transact off the same secure software, resulting in industry-wide simplification of operations and communication on a scale never before possible.

komgo provides efficiency

The komgo network is a decentralized solution to information sharing. Documentation and data is shared directly between transacting participants with immutable, transparent timestamps, thus removing the lag-time involved with third parties.

komgo ensures security

komgo’s blockchain-based software ensures that data cannot be tampered with, manipulated, or misplaced. Additionally, access to particular information is tightly controlled, ensuring only chosen participants can view relevant documentation.


the number of 'touch points' the average document requires during the trade financing process.