Toon Leijtens


"In our future outlook we, at komgo, see a world where interoperability is key."

"Bridging complex technology networks is where we find our comfort. After taking on the blockchain challenge from its day of conception we are committed to the belief that the potential for a network based trading revolution is huge.
Now that Ethereum, by proxy of its massive adoption, has grown into the only global distributed blockchain with smart contract features, we can convincingly step into that space.

Our industry inclusive solution finds merit in this battle hardened technology. The fact that the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance has developed an open standard - which means that thousands of engineers are already familiar with the technology - the building of components towards open specifications can truly commence.

komgo will catalyse this new standard because we want all participants in commodity trade to benefit from a healthy competition. We’ll be sure to quickly understand the best performing and fitting components that the community is building and incorporate that in our network based solution."