blockchain based network

komgo is a secure, decentralized solution enabling seamless data communication between commodity trade institutions, corporations, inspection companies, and third parties.


The komgo digital network is a blockchain-based solution to companies' data security and exchange.

The technology enables multiple parties - previously unconnected or connected haphazardly - to participate with one another seamlessly and securely across a shared network. These participants benefit from end-to-end industry optimization, lowering the time and cost needed to manage data and operations.

human-centered design

komgo was designed with streamlined usability as a guiding principle. The features of the komgo network are built to ensure smooth adoption and dissemination across the industry.

intuitive dashboard

The komgo dashboard is optimized for everyday application, ensuring all industry participants can operate with ease.

ease of integration

komgo was designed with seamless integration in mind. Although komgo’s solution relies on new distributed ledger technology, it is integrated with legacy IT systems to ensure smooth onboarding and management.

blockchain technology

The Ethereum blockchain is at the core of the komgo solution. The technology is applied in a federated context with 'privacy by design' features, guaranteeing access to data can be permissioned gradually or partially if needed.

trusted and secure components

The komgo network will redefine how industry players think about trust and security. 'Privacy by design' is core to the solution, ensuring komgo and other participants can only access data when given permission by the owner(s).

timestamped data management

komgo timestamps all data processed or transacted through its network, ensuring an immutable, transparent history about when participants provided or accessed certain data.

kite document transfer system

komgo uses a unique document transfer system known as kite. kite allows for verified documents to be securely exchanged between participants without komgo seeing any sensitive information.

industry interoperability

komgo and its partners have developed a protocol ensuring interoperability with other industry platforms.


komgo is the product of many minds from across the blockchain, design, and commodity trade industries.

Together, these participants collaborate to ensure komgo can tackle industry issues and scale to meet industry needs.

commodity trade catalysing partners

Trade has always existed. Over centuries it has been a key tool in the creation of globally-interconnected markets. As international trade has grown exponentially, however, the commodity trade industry has been marred by entrenched, decades-old, paper-based processes that hamper profitability and scalability.

komgo aims to address those pain points in order to better equip the industry to grow, evolve, and respond.


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“komgo will offer significant improvements in terms of user experience and turnaround times, all of which are important when servicing the commodity trading industry.”
Kris van Broekhoven, Citi